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Forum on Downtown Loveland Revitalization

The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado hosted a Nov. 13 forum on revitalizing downtown Loveland, presented by the renowned Urban Land Institute and led by former four-term mayor of Indianapolis and former Congressman William H. Hudnut III.

The event, “Destination Downtown Loveland,” was intended to spur efforts for enhancing downtown. It was made possible by a grant from the Foundation’s Loveland Community Fund and leadership of the Foundation’s Loveland Community Fund Committee.

Hudnut is a senior resident fellow at the Urban Land Institute. ULI, founded in 1936, is a nonprofit research and education organization supported by 40,000 members. Other forum participants will include Loveland community leaders; Jane Jenkins, executive director of Boulder Downtown Inc.; and Tim Steinhaus, executive director of Arvada Urban Renewal Authority. Attendees joined the forum participants in discussing the value of creating a dynamic and vibrant downtown Loveland.

The event took place at the Fountains of Loveland (La Quinta Inn).

Please visit our blog posting to learn more about the discussion that took place at this event.

Loveland, a community of approximately 65,00 people, became a part of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado in 1992.

Loveland Community Fund Committee

The Loveland Community Fund Committee provides input to the Board of Trustees and staff. This group is responsible for grantmaking from unrestricted funds established in the Loveland community. The following civic leaders have volunteered to serve on this committee to guide specific areas of the Foundation's work.

Standing, from left to right: Paul Mueller, Mike Wagner, Mary Gullikson, Lu Ball, Scott Bray, Phil Farley
Seated: Earl Sethre (Chair), Norma Hammond
Not pictured: Roger Bates, Roger Clark, Joe Scherger (Vice Chair)

Loveland Generations is a giving group of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. A giving group is composed of community-minded people who pool their charitable dollars in a common fund. Members of this group enhance their understanding of philanthropy and their appreciation for the valuable work of local nonprofit agencies. Members are welcome to make their annual donation, observe its impact, and attend annual celebrations without further involvement. However, sharing time and talents on subcommittees that provide leadership to the giving group can make membership even more rewarding.

Because the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado is a tax-exempt public charity, donations to our giving groups are tax-deductible.

Loveland Generations


  • Loveland Generations has awarded $80,000 in grants to the community since its inception in 2001. The Loveland Generations Fund is valued at more than $70,000. 
  • The group's most recent gathering was at the home of Ron and Shirley Hogan. Previous gatherings were held at the home of Cliff and Mary Nemeth, the McCreery House, the home of Ann and Dick Hanson, the home of Rosalie and Phil Lier, the home of Dennis and Gail Daughtery, the Loveland Museum and Gallery, the studio of sculptor George Lundeen, and the home of Bruce and Muriel Hach.
  • The group has four levels of membership: Pewter ($250); Copper ($500); Marble ($750); and Bronze ($1000). Click here to contribute to the Loveland Generations Fund (indicate "Loveland Generations" in the Comments field.)

Doreen MacDonald and Marge Black attended the Loveland Generations Garden Party on May 21.